Why do I only ever pay attention seriously to what I eat when I need to get into shape for something? Like the house party at the convention… I wanna goooooo…..

So I guess it’s healthy eating for me for the next few days. Chicken, veggies, fruit, and yogurt. Milk- possibly one glass a day. Other than that, WATER. LOTS OF IT. Tea is ok too. But no sugar in my tea or coffee… and one cup of coffee a day. 

… wow this already sounds like a pain…

Good thing I’ve been doing squats every other day otherwise this would be impossible.



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Mountain Climbers Combo
3 sets of 15 reps each side

1)Start by getting into a push up position. Your hands should be placed underneath your shoulders. Your head is relaxed, looking at the floor and your body should be kept in a straight line (be careful that your back doesn’t sag or bend in).
2) Place your feet on an object this should have the right height. The height should be so that your body is in one line. 
3) Engage your ab muscles.
4) Raise your left knee towards your chest and then straighten it back out. While your leg remains extended, lift it to the side of your body.
4) This completes one rep. Preform 15 reps of these on one leg then repeat on the other.

This super effective exercise targets the whole body especially the abs and obliques.

Since I recently moved to a town and have sidewalks to run on now, I’ll give this a try! It’s easy enough that I won’t feel like I’m dying. Also, I tend to overdo things… this will hopefully prevent that.

Tip of Your Tongue, Top of My Lungs: 200 Running Songs

Badass running playlist! Just in time for my 30 day running plans. :D




Join me!  Starting on June 1st  I’ll be doing this challenge!  LET’S ALL DO THIS TOGETHER!! Take a pic before you start and after day 30.  LETS GET SOME RESULTS!! WOOT WOOT!!  

I think I’ll try this along with the squat challenge this month! I’ll also be doing some running at least three days a week. We will see how this goes!!